21 August

Jay’s Rules of Engagement

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Tonight, I’m digging deep into the recesses of my Apple Mail’s file folders, all in the name of clutter-busting (and so no one nominates me as the next shamed one on Hoarders). With just a few scratches, suddenly I feel like I need Geraldo with me to uncover the centuries-old riches that will surely be […]

17 August

There’s Nothing ‘Bold’ Or ‘New’ About This One, Jax

Normally in this space, at least lately, I write about what I eat. Tonight’s different. Tonight, something’s eating me. Wednesday night’s Jacksonville City Council failure to act in updating the city’s human rights ordinance is a tragic error of omission that leaves a segment of our community exposed to discrimination in housing and public accommodation […]

15 July

Dig These New Island Imports at Jacksonville’s Bahama Breeze

Long before Bahama Breeze set up shop at the St. Johns Town Center in 2010, I had been steeped in the Darden chain’s island-inspired fare and colorful cocktails from my upbringing in Orlando’s culinary melting pot. And from many grueling happy hour testing sessions, I can say with scientific precision that their appetizers/small plates and […]

10 July

Disconnected from Reality…

Many of you, my faithful blog consumers, are probably smiling and nodding to yourselves after reading that headline. And that’s how I know you’re a real friend. And I’m not even saying that in a snarky or facetious way. Thank you. Of course, I’m referring to my recent temporary estrangement from AT&T’s hallowed U-verse service. […]

26 June

‘Tis the Season: Summer Springs Fresh Tastes at Seasons 52

For my faithful blog followers who like to keep score at home, we just passed the summer solstice, which for this writer means an invite to the seasonal “up-front” at Darden’s Seasons 52. And like the up-fronts you hear about in the advertising world, this event’s likewise chock-full of anticipation, fanfare and pampering. And anticipatory […]

21 March

Groundhog Be Damned! Seasons 52 Launches Spring Menu

In Florida, spring routinely swings our way weeks early, regardless of what one overhyped furry creature in Pennsylvania might sometimes suggest. So you might expect that, to a bunch of jaded Floridians getting sand between their toes in February, this vernal equinox thing is a a month late and some sunscreen short. But if you’re […]

27 January

Much Ado About Motoring…

When I drive, I like to complain. Usually about people or things that hinder my progress from Point A to Point B as quickly as humanly possible. Some people obviously are not on my time schedule, or obviously concerned about anyone else’s, as they plod along the roadway in blissful passive-aggression. But this blog entry […]

4 January

Pele’s Heats Up Park and King with Hipness … and Fire!

The past several years have played stage to a culinary resurrection along King Street in Riverside. Upstarts jostling to make “the scene,” including Intuition Ale Works, Walker’s, Carmine’s and The Loft, cry, “I’m cool, too!” next to neighborhood stalwarts such as Kickbacks Gastropub and Whiteway Delicatessen. Together, these palaces of old-world cool make maneuvering the […]

22 November

LEGOLAND Florida: A Single Man’s Tale of Survival

If you’re ever with me in a big-time crush of humanity, you might hear me say (quite loudly, actually), “I’d like to make a video game out of this.” In the context of my recent trip to LEGOLAND Florida in Winter Haven, picture me as the lone warship at the bottom of the screen in […]

22 October

‘Tis the ‘Season’ for Fresh & Healthy: Darden’s Seasons 52 at SJTC

When I say “roadside restaurant off busy highway,” if you’re from these parts, I suspect you immediately find visions of Waffle House’s “scattered, smothered, covered” hashbrown goodness wafting through your mind (better that than your stomach). That’s the old Jacksonville, though. Now we have JTB and the St. Johns Town Center, and all the happening, […]