27 September

An open letter to Gogo In-Flight and Southwest Airlines

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Reader’s Note: In the spirit of full disclosure, Jay did get his Gogo Internet working a couple of hours in flight after penning this post. But it was a God-awful experience he wouldn’t wish on anyone else (plus the connection was extremely slowwwwwwwww…) so he’s decided to let ‘er fly (no pun intended). The last […]

27 January

Much Ado About Motoring…

When I drive, I like to complain. Usually about people or things that hinder my progress from Point A to Point B as quickly as humanly possible. Some people obviously are not on my time schedule, or obviously concerned about anyone else’s, as they plod along the roadway in blissful passive-aggression. But this blog entry […]

22 November

LEGOLAND Florida: A Single Man’s Tale of Survival

If you’re ever with me in a big-time crush of humanity, you might hear me say (quite loudly, actually), “I’d like to make a video game out of this.” In the context of my recent trip to LEGOLAND Florida in Winter Haven, picture me as the lone warship at the bottom of the screen in […]