27 February

Just Say ‘No’ To Notifications

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As most of my regular readers probably have picked up on by now, I’m waging a war of attrition against the complexities of life in 2011. Like most wars, there are many battles — some bloodier than others. In this post, I’ll describe a skirmish that must be won, if we are to be free. […]

18 February

Looking Forward To Spring (And Not Falling Back)…

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You’d think on the first morning of a four-day weekend, I’d bury my head under the covers, deny the outside world, and be content outwitting my virtual foes at Words With Friends. Normally, those few-and-far-between days off go something like that. But spring was in the air this Friday morning … or, in the case […]

12 February

We Can All Learn Something From A Caregiver

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Normally I would complain to anyone who would listen about working on a near-perfect (meteorologically speaking) Saturday afternoon. After all, there’s running, cycling, patio drinks to be consumed and … well, let’s get real, those trips to Target for toilet paper and toothpaste. In my case today, I pulled on a purple Community Hospice polo […]

10 February

Three Dozen in the Oven … But I’m Not Done Yet (Just Slightly Toasty)

Wouldn’t you know I’d cook up a culinary analogy, just a few short hours after my Publix Apron’s cooking class, to recap my birthday? Those sugary desserts we whipped up tonight are still stirring within, and the ensuing sugar buzz has my keyboard threatening assault charges. The fingers are alive tonight. They feel like flying. […]

8 February

Facebook, You’ve Been Downsized…

It had been a long time coming. My on-again, off-again obsession with the unsolicited trivialities of 930-or-so “friends” finally got the best of me Sunday night. Delete? Click. Delete? Click. Times about a hundred twenty. Click click click! Those clicks might as well have been tears welling up in the imaginary face of Mark Zuckerberg. […]