14 January

Decoding the smartphone peddlers’ fuzzy math

Eight years. Four contracts. Untold thousands of dollars. That’s what Cingular Wireless/AT&T has gotten out of me since January 2007, when my angst over six years of Sprint boiled over into a messy divorce. Over where the grass was (at the moment) green as an Irish meadow in September, then-Cingular soon had me smitten by a […]

2 May

Thoughts About Seemingly Ornery, Non-Compliant Precipitation

Now I know what it must feel like to live behind Niagara Falls. If I glance out of my home office window, that’s what I’ll see. In miniature. Without plummeting barrels. So I hope. It appears that April’s showers have gone into extra innings on the First Coast. They won’t be defeated as they keep […]

8 April

I’m a Professional Communicator…

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I’m a professional communicator. I have a “thing” about the type of pen or keyboard I use, or the type of software I use to create. Don’t get me into which Microsoft Word is better – 2010 or 2013. Just. Don’t. I zoom beyond surface marketing messages and look impatiently for the stockholder-driven ulterior motives […]

4 April

Something Saucy’s Sizzling in St. Johns

The folks behind the new Saucy Taco have a good thing cooking in the Julington Village shopping center. They have remade a revolving-door storefront with a mix of craft beer, vintage automotive décor, flat screens, and a friendly-Mex menu dripping in good tastes. And when I say “friendly-Mex,” think family-friendly flavors with salads, tortas, Mexican-style […]

15 February

Looking for a Bite on Saturday Night: Town Center Blight Leaves Bitter Taste

Is it just me, or has the St. Johns Town Center become a super-sized victim of its own success? I don’t want to go anymore.  I can’t explain it from a physiological standpoint, but lately I get a case of the nerves just thinking about the drive to the shopping behemoth. Not to even get […]

21 August

Jay’s Rules of Engagement

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Tonight, I’m digging deep into the recesses of my Apple Mail’s file folders, all in the name of clutter-busting (and so no one nominates me as the next shamed one on Hoarders). With just a few scratches, suddenly I feel like I need Geraldo with me to uncover the centuries-old riches that will surely be […]

17 August

There’s Nothing ‘Bold’ Or ‘New’ About This One, Jax

Normally in this space, at least lately, I write about what I eat. Tonight’s different. Tonight, something’s eating me. Wednesday night’s Jacksonville City Council failure to act in updating the city’s human rights ordinance is a tragic error of omission that leaves a segment of our community exposed to discrimination in housing and public accommodation […]

10 July

Disconnected from Reality…

Many of you, my faithful blog consumers, are probably smiling and nodding to yourselves after reading that headline. And that’s how I know you’re a real friend. And I’m not even saying that in a snarky or facetious way. Thank you. Of course, I’m referring to my recent temporary estrangement from AT&T’s hallowed U-verse service. […]

1 April

God really MUST be a Gator…

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GAINESVILLE, Fla.–As I peer out from the second-floor cubby farm at Library West on the University of Florida campus, I realize it’s 4 p.m. on a Friday afternoon. Only the really BIG geeks are tapping away on their keyboards and not out frolicking on the Plaza of the Americas, catching the RTS bus for the […]

13 March

Have Things Really Gotten This Bad In Our Public Schools?

Today, like most Sundays, I volunteered as a reader and board operator for the WJCT Radio Reading Service. I’m borderline-ashamed to admit it, but it’s usually the only time each week that I look at a printed, physical newspaper. That is, unless you count the Florida Times-Unions deposited in the break room at work, which […]