8 April

I’m a Professional Communicator…

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I’m a professional communicator. I have a “thing” about the type of pen or keyboard I use, or the type of software I use to create. Don’t get me into which Microsoft Word is better – 2010 or 2013. Just. Don’t. I zoom beyond surface marketing messages and look impatiently for the stockholder-driven ulterior motives […]

21 August

Jay’s Rules of Engagement

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Tonight, I’m digging deep into the recesses of my Apple Mail’s file folders, all in the name of clutter-busting (and so no one nominates me as the next shamed one on Hoarders). With just a few scratches, suddenly I feel like I need Geraldo with me to uncover the centuries-old riches that will surely be […]

1 April

God really MUST be a Gator…

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GAINESVILLE, Fla.–As I peer out from the second-floor cubby farm at Library West on the University of Florida campus, I realize it’s 4 p.m. on a Friday afternoon. Only the really BIG geeks are tapping away on their keyboards and not out frolicking on the Plaza of the Americas, catching the RTS bus for the […]