18 February

Firehouse Subs puts out the calories on new menu choices

Subway has made healthy eating a plank in its marketing foundation since they trotted out Jared Fogle’s “Subway diet” in 2000. These days, it’s business as usual for the world’s largest fast food chain. Fat and calorie counts decorate napkins, paper cups, sneeze guards and more, espousing healthy lifestyles at every location. Now, Jacksonville-based Firehouse […]

16 January

The Public House brings Euro pub grub to Baymeadows East

The Florida Times-Union originally published this article on Thursday, Jan. 16, 2014 in its Dining section. This is the unedited version of the same article. Read the Times-Union version. For several years, a steady stream of small-chain, fast-casual comfort food outlets have come and gone from the eastern edge of the Point Meadows shopping center […]

23 November

Flying Iguana brings fusion flavors to Beaches Town Center

The following restaurant review was printed in the November 21, 2013 Taste section of the Florida Times-Union. Gritty, longtime dining spot gives way to upgraded, trendy “it” establishment. For the past two years, that’s been an all-too-familiar scenario in the Beaches dining scene. One of the latest to fall was Neptune Beach’s Sun Dog Diner, […]

27 September

An open letter to Gogo In-Flight and Southwest Airlines

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Reader’s Note: In the spirit of full disclosure, Jay did get his Gogo Internet working a couple of hours in flight after penning this post. But it was a God-awful experience he wouldn’t wish on anyone else (plus the connection was extremely slowwwwwwwww…) so he’s decided to let ‘er fly (no pun intended). The last […]

2 May

Thoughts About Seemingly Ornery, Non-Compliant Precipitation

Now I know what it must feel like to live behind Niagara Falls. If I glance out of my home office window, that’s what I’ll see. In miniature. Without plummeting barrels. So I hope. It appears that April’s showers have gone into extra innings on the First Coast. They won’t be defeated as they keep […]

8 April

I’m a Professional Communicator…

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I’m a professional communicator. I have a “thing” about the type of pen or keyboard I use, or the type of software I use to create. Don’t get me into which Microsoft Word is better – 2010 or 2013. Just. Don’t. I zoom beyond surface marketing messages and look impatiently for the stockholder-driven ulterior motives […]

4 April

Something Saucy’s Sizzling in St. Johns

The folks behind the new Saucy Taco have a good thing cooking in the Julington Village shopping center. They have remade a revolving-door storefront with a mix of craft beer, vintage automotive décor, flat screens, and a friendly-Mex menu dripping in good tastes. And when I say “friendly-Mex,” think family-friendly flavors with salads, tortas, Mexican-style […]

21 March

How to Go Greek on Gate Parkway

A version of this review appeared in the Thursday, March 21, 2013 edition of the Florida Times-Union. It’s a treat to find a neighborhood restaurant these days where food quality and service upstage ad budgets, free Wi-Fi and slick websites. Especially the kind that dares to roam within range of the chain-crazy St. Johns Town […]

15 February

Looking for a Bite on Saturday Night: Town Center Blight Leaves Bitter Taste

Is it just me, or has the St. Johns Town Center become a super-sized victim of its own success? I don’t want to go anymore.  I can’t explain it from a physiological standpoint, but lately I get a case of the nerves just thinking about the drive to the shopping behemoth. Not to even get […]

4 January

The Salty Fig Joins Riverside Gastropub Scene: This Should Be Gastrofun

The following review is an unabridged version of the same review posted to Yelp.com on January 4, 2013.  I love staycations and take them often. One of my favorite rituals is to hit up as many new and/or exotic lunching spots as possible … as in the ones you can’t shoe-horn into a neat and […]